Houston, TX Garage Doors Repair, Gate Repair and Maintenance.


Houston Garage door and Gates has specialized in repairs and maintenance year after year, keeping up with the newest technology, door and system to operate garage doors and gates. We’re proud to hold up to your name throughout Houston and its surrounding areas. We know the need of quick repairs because everyday you depend on your garage. When you need help, We can work on any type of garage door and gate issues.

garage door emergencyDaily repairs include: Garage door springs & spring conversions, cables, hinges, locks, rollers, off-track doors, weather seals, garage door openers, panels replacement, bolts and screws, garage door rust, broken windows, iron gates and openers and more. Need service now? Call  #281-933-9900. Our techs will answer emergencies and will help to get your garage and its valuables secure. All trucks are stocked and available.


garage door technicianBefore dispatch, our technicians, equipment and trucks are fully equipped for multiple door services. Diagnosing an issues can be done on-site and fixed on the spot. We also inspect for further issues of your door as a maintenance routine upon approval. We’re fast to complete our job and affordable no matter the job.

Have you noticed a noisy door opener?  At times, your garage door may be the culprit. As the year go by, rust and strain on the motor and components are apparent and can be adjusted or fixed. Your opener has a complex operating system which only requires one piece to fail. Inspect to see if your garage door is off-track or if a component is broken or missing, then call us for a quick quote over the phone.

Have you noticed your garage door is bent or stuck? Inspect to see if any hinges or bolts are missing from its moving parts. Also, inspect to find apparent damages caused by vehicles or equipment which is a primary issue with most garage doors. If so, have our pros order parts for a quick installation or repair. No matter what kind of door you have, our pros are very well trained in repairs and replacement door for residential and commercial properties.

Have you noticed broken spring or cables or missing hardware? Take note of the missing or broken items for a quick fix. It is quite possible your spring and cable may be worn of use. Temperature, water, humidity, maintenance may be contributed to faulty garage doors. Let’s restore your garage to working order.

Have you noticed your garage is not closing completely? Check your sensors located at the lower portion at either end. These sensors must align to function in connection with the garage opener. Furthermore, check for broken/damaged weather seals and other obstructions that may be crossing the garage door path. Call for assistance or question you may have.

Have you considered lubricating your door? Click here to find out to DIY Lubricate your garage door.

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