Houston Garage Doors and Gates custom designs and fabricates iron entrance gates. Choose between single or double swinging gates, slide or cantilever for your driveway or entrance needs. When choosing a custom gate, consider security, style, width, height, gate opener and access controls. We’ve provided gate designs below to get you started on a good fit; With our custom iron gates, the possibilities are infinite. See our gate gallery here.

Houston Garage Door and Gates is apt for all your gate needs and services. If you’re looking for swinging open gates or slide open gates, you’ve come to the right place. Need on-property assistance? Contact us. We complete the job from start to finish, Guaranteed.

Mayfair FC49 Driveway Swing Gate

Mayfair FC49 Driveway Gate

Strength of steel and elegance in design is the Mayfair Gate. Add and customize this gate to your liking.
Mayfair FC49

Adona KA33 Driveway Swing Gat

Adona KA33 Driveway Gate

You can not go wrong with the Adona gate. It is incredibly reliable for its large arc, reinforced frame and detailed ornaments throughout.
Adona KA33

Kamrar KJ42 driveway swing gate

Kamrar KJ42 Driveway Gate

This stunning gate would fit great for any home with its detailed ornaments. Imagine arriving home to a swing or slide gate like this.
Kamrar KJ42

Old Monroe FX2B driveway swing gates

Old Monroe FX2B Driveway Gate

The Old Monroe Gate was created for a high profile, reliability and most of all, security. Welded with a 2″ tubing, 16 ga, B grade steel, it is truly a high level of prestige to arrive home to this iron gate.
Old Monroe FX2B

Whitmire PX9Y Driveway swing gate

Whitmire PX9Y Driveway Gate

Truly worth the admiration, The Whitmire Gate is a security feature yet elegant in perspective. We could have this installed in your home in little time including gate accessories.
Whitmire PX9Y

Drexel N6FY Driveway gate

Drexel N6FY Driveway Gate

This low profile gate is an ideal option for open spaces among properties. Great for keeping intruders out but also impressing all your guests.
Drexel N6FY

Oakridge QRF6 driveway gate

Oakridge QRF6 Driveway Gate

For a step down from the Adona Gate, this Oakridge Gate is perfect for anyone on a budget. You can swing, slide or permanently fix this gate to your property.
Oakridge QRF6

BCZF driveway gate

Sterling BCZF Driveway Gate

Simple gate at an affordable cost. Ornaments and colors and security features available.
Sterling BCZF

Bates RV6D driveway gate

Bates RV6D Driveway Gate

This Bates gate is a perfect fit for children and pets as a security design to prevent trespassing.
Bates RV6D

ADBX driveway gate

Marietta ADBX Driveway Gate

This gate was built for farming purposes yet stylish to be applied in any application. Many options are available with this iron gate.
Marietta ADBX

D85N driveway gate

Duncan D85N Driveway Gate

At just one step down from the Whitmire Driveway Gate, this fine gate was made for security of driveways and entrances. This gates can enhance the security of your property. Quick installment with security features available.
Duncan D85N


Cottonport GH9T Driveway Gate

Simple gate at a simple cost. Quick installment with security features available.
Cottonport GH9T

Why get a Driveway/Entrance Gate?

commercial access and security gates

In ancient times, a gate would represent properties and the persons residing on the premises.  Gates would provide a safe haven from intruding people, objects and evil spirits.  Today, we’re providing the same security and convenience to residents of Houston.

As you arrive, you can experience the unique level of security and power only a iron gate can deliver. Many industries and properties can say the same about the access gate because they know all materials are well protected and free of preying eyes. And because of a gate, residencial and commercial properties can determine who enters and exits. If you are considering to install or upgrade your security level, consider the strength of an iron gate.

Power and Style in one.

power of steel gatesHow can you boost security? Boost your security by welding 16 gauge, 20 plus feet of pure steel, 20 gauge cross bars and a professional welder who knows how to build a gate from scratch. Pick a design from above to complete your home’s exterior style and colors.

What lies in the future? No one will ever know, but one thing is certain, just to see a gate present on a premises, you’re keep all criminals and trespassers away and protecting all valuables. No security systems can guarantee peace of mind, but by adding features such as intercoms, monitors, access codes and such, you’ll be at ease. Contact us to have an evaluation.

Swing, Slide and Security.

Sliding gates are most effective when space is limited and the gate can retract along a parallel wall or fence line. Single or double swinging entry gate can is applicable to a property if space is not an issue and free of obstructions. Consider your property and call Houston Garage Door and Gate to get a recommendation that best fits your premises.

residential gate access security

Additional security is an advantage available to you because our new and improved gate openers are featured with access remote systems, quick-close and tampering features. Contact Us for further security features.

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