How to stop squeaky noisy garage door

How to stop squeaky noisy garage door. DIY grease your garage door.

Avoid common oils or multi-use aerosol grease cans will not work properly because they act as a degreaser rather than lubrication. The best garage door lubricant is either a lithium based grease or silicone grease spray that leaving a thick coat of lubrication.

1. Disconnect the garage door from the opener
2. Spray each moving joint with one hand while moving the garage door with the other hand.
3. Remember to lubricate all pivoting parts, hinges, locks, pulleys, bearing plates and arm bar on the garage door
4. Make sure to lubricate all exposed ball-bearing rollers on a regular basis.
5. No grease is needed on tracks nor sealed bearings but rather clean on a regular basis.
6. Coat the springs and allow grease to filter through upon use.
7. Reconnect the garage door to the opener give the garage door a few runs.

We hope this quick tip can help reduce the noise. Sometime, grease it’s just not enough. If you find it difficult to grease certain areas or grease is not the solution, contact Houston Garage Doors and Gates at #281-933-9900 for fast garage door lubrication service.