Carriage House Series Garage Door – Steel Model 6600

Carriage House Series Garage Door – Steel Model 6600

With two layers of steel and polyurethane insulation and special trim materials,  this makes carriage houses affordable and will add a elegant touch to your home. Choose from 16 different designs made to fit your style.

Garage Door Features:

  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation for thermal efficiency, noise reduction, and quiet door operation.
  • DecaTrim™ II Overlays resists pests and termites, weather and fungi.
  • Tongue and Groove Joint Seals for wind and weather resistance.
  • 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Hinges for strength and stability.
  • Noise Reduction Rollers. Nylon wheels and steel shafts for years of use, dependability and quiet operation.
  • WindSafe is available for high wind regions.

Primary Color Options:

White white_color   Almond almond_color   Sandstone sandstone_color   Brown brown_color  Black black_color

Arched or Square Panel Options:

Arlingtongarage-door-6600a-arlington Ashburngarage-door-6600a-ashburn Bellviewgarage-door-6600a-bellview Brunswick garage-door-6600a-brunswick
Kingston garage-door-6600a-kingston Lexington garage-door-6600a-lexington Richmond garage-door-6600a-richmond Savannah garage-door-6600a-savannah
Somerset garage-door-6600a-somerset Springfield garage-door-6600a-springfield Westfield garage-door-6600a-westfield

Texture Options:

Wood Grain Emboss white-toupe-wood-grain-6600-garage-door-enlargement  Smooth white-toupe-smooth-6600-garage-door

Window Design (DecaTrim™ II):

 Arched Stockton garage-door-window-6600-arched-stockton-decatrim Clear II garage-door-window-6600-clear-ll-decatrim Cascade III garage-door-window-6600-cascade-lll-decatrim
 Stockbridge garage-door-window-6600-stockbridge-decatrim  Stockton III garage-door-window-6600-stockton-lll-decatrim  Waterton III garage-door-window-6600-waterton-lll-dt

Window Design (Wood Grain):

Stockton Arch garage-door-windows-6600-stockton-arch-wood-grain Clear Long garage-door-window-6600-clear-long-wood-grain Somerton garage-door-windows-6600-somerton-wood-grain
Stockbridge garage-door-windows-6600-stockbridge-wood-grain Stockton garage-door-windows-6600-stockton-wood-grain Wyndbridge garage-door-windows-6600-wyndbridge-wood-grain

Glass Options:

Clear plain-glass


Arrow garage-door-handles-arrow Aspen garage-door-handles-aspen Barcelona garage-door-handles-barcelona
Conifer garage-door-handles-conifer Fleur-de-Lis garage-door-handles-fdl Spear garage-door-handles-spear

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

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Manufactured by:

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors.

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