Fiberglass Garage Door Model 9800

Fiberglass Garage Door Model 9800
fiberglass garage door 9800

Skillfully and artfully molded, this fiberglass garage door model is as close as you can get to the beauty and elegance of wood without the warping and rotting. This door comes in a variety of wood styles with a white interior finish with white low-profile hinges.


  • Fiberglass
  • TorqueMaster® Plus Counterbalance – Springs located inside a steel tube.
  • Bottom weather seal
  • Tamper-resistant safety bottom brackets
  • Polyurethane foamed insulation

Texture Patterns:

Oak Grain
Horizontal & Vertical
raised panels
oak gain texture
Cherry Grain
Sonoma panel
cherry grain texture
Mahogany Grain
Horizontal V-Groove
mahogany grain texture

Door Styles for 7 ft, 3 section doors:

Horizontal Raised
Horizontal Raised
Vertical Raised
Vertical Raised

Door Styles for 8 ft, 4 section doors:

Horizontal Raised
Horizontal Raised
Vertical Raised
Vertical Raised

Stain Color Options:

impression white stain
impression green stain
impression mahogany stain
impression cherry stain
impression walnut stain
impression oak stain
Red Oak
red oak
impression clay stain
Honduran Mahogany
impression honduran mahogany stain
impression gray stain

Window Options for V-Groove Panel:

V-Groove window configurations below is based on a 9 ft wide door. 8’ wide doors feature a different window configuration. Contact us for details.

Horizontal Raised &
Horizontal Raised & V-Groove
Vertical Raised &
Vertical Raised & V-Groove

Window Options for Sonoma Panel:

Plain Square
plain Square
Plain Arched
Plain Arched
6 Lite Square
6 lite Square
 6 Lite Arched
6 Lite Arched
8 Lite Square
8Lite Square
8 Lite Arched
8 Lite Arched
12 Lite Square
12 Lite Square
12 Lite Arched
12 Lite Arched
16 Lite Square
16 Lite Square
16 Lite Arched
16 Lite Arched
20 Lite Square
20 Lite Square
 20 Lite Arched
20 Lite Arched

Double Car Garage Door Windows:

Plain Lite Square Top
Plain Lite
12 Lite Square Top
12 Lite
16 Lite Square Top
16 Lite
24 Lite Square Top
24 Lite
32 Lite Square Top
32 Lite
40 Lite Square Top
40 Lite
Plain Lite Double Arched Top
Plain Lite Double Arched
Plain Lite Single Arched Top
Plain Lite Single Arched
12 Lite Double Arched Top
12 Lite Double Arched
12 Lite Single Arched Top
12 Lite Single Arched
16 Lite Double Arched Top
16 Lite Double Arched
16 Lite Single Arched Top
16 Lite Single Arched
24 Lite Double Arched Top
24 Lite Double Arched
24 Lite Single Arched Top
24 Lite Single Arched
32 Lite Double Arched Top
32 Lite doubleArched
32 Lite Single Arched Top
32 Lite Single Arched
40 Lite Double Arched Top
40 Lite Double Arched
40 Lite Single Arched Top
40 Lite single Arched

Optional Garage Door Window Placement:

You have a variety of garage door window options. You may arrange them vertically or horizontally. Up to 50% of the garage door may include windows. Bottom placed windows must use DSB 1/8”, or tempered, or ½” insulated glass. Vertical lite options are a special order.
window-vertical-lite-cherry  window-vertical-lite-fiberglass

Glass Options:

Clear plain-glass   Satin Satin   Obscure obscure-glass-close

Euro Collection Hardware:

All hardware is black powder coated on steel with a hammered texture.

Fleur-de-Lis Style include accents, handles and knockers


Barcelona Style include accents, handles and knockers


Spear Style include accents, handles and knockers


American Collection Hardware:

All hardware is black powder coated on steel with a hammered texture.

Aspen Style include accents, handles and knockers

Aspen handle

Conifer Style include accents, handles and knockers

Conifer handle

Arrow Style include accents, handles and knockers

Arrow handle

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Houston Garage Door and Gates Satisfaction Guaranteed

Count on us to get the job completed on-time and on a budget. We inspect, maneuver, mantle and dismantle, transport, install, fix and complete all our garage door projects. We fix the competitor’s mistakes. We guarantee all our work.


We’re proud to hold up one of the strongest warranty package in the greater Houston area. All our warranty packages included on all hardware and labor. Call for details.


online quote available.

Manufactured by:

Wayne Dalton.

*This option may not be available. Call for details.

So who doesn’t go to the local hardware store to fix the thing around the house, specially garage door panels because your son is learning to drive and bent the bottom potion of the garage. I bought and return the wrong panels and everything was a waste of time. Call these guys because they make it easy and time efficient. All I did was snap couple picture and forward it to them…in no time they repair this stuff. Thanks for the discount too!! =)

June 07, 2016 

Madeleine D., Customer

Outstanding attention and service. I’d give you 6 stars

July 27, 2016 

Chang H., Customer

Thank you because the mechanic help me fix broken garage and tighten the tension of spring.

September 02, 2016 

Shamil S., Customer

I had been putting off fixing the garage opener for some time…Finally, I asked Houston garage door to provide pricing for a broken garage door opener. They charged $233 for a new Genie model w/ install. Then I kept shopping around for other pricing and I got $238 and $257. Of Course, I went with the lowest price… I also thought about replacing it myself, but I just dont have the time.

August 13, 2016 

Will T., Customer